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Many Clans participate at our annual celebrations with all Clans formally marching into the Caledonian Park at the beginning of the Games and as well as being the part of the massed parade of competing Pipers, Drummers, and Dancers at the lunchtime official welcoming.

Many famous Clans are associated with the original settlers who migrated to Waipu from Scotland via Nova Scotia with local descendants enjoying renewing friendships with family and visitors, many of who come to our event from all over New Zealand and around the world.

The majority of Clan Sites have extensive research material available and visitors are encouraged to check out their genealogy, traditions, heritage along with many other fascinating aspects of Clan Associations.



A great opportunity to sell and promote your organisation, services or products with a captive audience. Join in the festivities and reserve a stall today.

Application to be a Vendor at the 2022 Waipu Highland Games

Applications must be Received by the 30th September 2021
Applicants will be notified by email if they are successful or not successful on or by the 8th October 2021
Successful Applicants will be asked for a non refundable payment of $300 due by the 20th October 2021

Once applications close on the 30th September the committee will meet. A discussion will take place and a decision will be made on what vendors will be at the Waipu Highland Games.

The decision process will be based on the following:

* Scottish Theme
* Local within the Bream Bay Area
* What the Vendor will be selling if it something we require or if it clashes with any of our Vendors we have currently got attending.

We would love to be able to accept everyone but unfortunately that is not the case, in advance we thank you so very much for wanting to be part of the day.