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Strength Games
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The ideal event for those of you who would like to be introduced to the arts of the heavyweight competitors. An experienced person will coach you in the techniques for tossing the caber, highland stone, highland hammer and sheaf. You will then compete for the Novice Trophy which is awarded at the end of the competition.


Novice Heavyweights


Novice Heavyweights are open to anyone to enter, no experience is necessary. Although we suggest you are reasonably fit. Advice and guidance will be given on the day.


This is a mixed event with no weight restriction however you do need to be over 16 years of age to compete.  If you are under 18 years old you will require adult permission at registration.


This event is open to the first 20 people that register at the heavyweights tent.  Registration is open at 9.00am.


Registration is $20/person, and will include a tee shirt.  


Please note you will also be required to pay the $20 gate fee to get into the park. Under 17s are free to enter the park.


This Novice Heavyweights Event is a mixed competition.  Due to the limited time and resources we can not run a seperate male and female competition or a seperate junior and senior event. 


Points are taken throughout the day, therefore we will be offering a prize for not only the  highest points overall we will have a prize for the highest female points overall.

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