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The Caledonian Society make our Highland Games happen

Waipu is at the heart of everything we do. We are a not-for-profit organisation established back in 1871 and since then have run the iconic annual Waipu Highland Games, donating all Games Day proceeds back to the Waipu community. We paid for the construction of the Celtic Barn which was finished in 2015, which is, along with the park, used by a large number of community groups, and over time have sponsored many local community members on scholarships to further their Scottish training overseas. We proudly continue to build and maintain many significant community facilities and services to help assist the pride and well-being of the people of Waipu.

If you’d like to become involved, please send us an email at:

Volunteer Enquiries
Membership Enquiries




“In 1905 we purchased the land now known as Caledonian Park. Since that time we have covered all costs of upgrading and maintaining the facilities.


It is with great pleasure that we continue to make it available to you to enjoy for free.”

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