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31st December 2024

See in the New Year with a traditional Scottish Social Gathering, involving Gaelic folk music, song, dance and convivial company, held at the end of our Games Day each year. Enjoy the bagpipes and Celtic music from “Twisty Willow” the fabulous folk music group headed by Barb and Wes who will play for and guide you through traditional Gaelic Ceilidh dances. The generous country supper starts with traditional Haggis ceremony complete with Piper, Banner Bearer and Ode Tae the Haggis, and the Waipu Scottish Country Dancers will perform an enthusiastic demonstration – making this an event not to be missed.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our evening Ceilidh. Please read the information and guidelines below.


Entry is $20 per person.


Tickets can be purchased during the day at the Highland Games from the Caledonian Rooms behind the Celtic Barn


Door sales are available. We will have eftpos and accept cash.


Tickets will be available in October.


Tickets will include a light supper but does not include beverages.  We will have a cash bar available.


DOGS.  We can not have dogs at the Ceilidh.  We are sorry that this can cause an inconvenience to dog lovers.  We have a  responsibility to keep our guests safe so we can not have dogs at this event  - Please note this excludes service dogs. 


Photography and Media.  We will have photographers and media at this event.  By attending this event you grant the Waipu Caledonian Society the right to take photos and/or videos.  If you elect not to be in images it is your responsibility to remove yourself from the situation where photos or videos are likely to take place.  We can not guarantee that your image will not be published as part of a larger group.

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