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Scottish Highland Heavyweight events are the original ‘extreme sports’, leaving even the best Olympians in awe and are always one of the real attractions of any Highland Games.

We are renowned for having a highly competitive Heavy Weight championship field with competitors coming from all around New Zealand and off-shore to challenge themselves against the best, requiring excellent timing, balance and technique and looking so much more impressive wearing a kilt!

These Heavyweight events hark back to the times when Kings and Clan Chiefs assessed the agility, cunning and physical strength of their followers. 22lb Gaelic Hammers are thrown. 56lb weights on short chains are thrown for both distance and height. 22lb rocks are thrown as with a shot put. 14 lb sheaves are tossed high over a bar and of course, the mighty caber is tossed. Up to 130lbs and 18 feet long the caber has to be turned end to end in the toss, while the crowd cheers the competitor on. The Heavyweight event finish with the Farmers Walk where a 160lb weight is carried in each hand for as long as is possible.