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There has been Scottish piping since time began. Lowland pipers played songs and dance music, as was expected by their audience. Over the mountains and glens, however, Highland pipers were strongly influenced by their background of the Celtic legends and the wild nature of the Highlands. The Highland piper occupied a high and honoured position within the Clan system. To be a piper was sufficient and, if he could play well, nothing else would be asked of him. The skirl of pipes has been used to support men going into battle in many countries and gained a surge in popularity during both World Wars. 

At the Waipu Games, pipers amass from all over the country to battle their colleagues in the prestigious competition which goes all day. Pipes can be heard accompanying the Scottish Highland Dancing. The marching in of the massed bands at lunchtime is a sight not to be missed. Singing The Flower of Scotland to the massed pipes is a wonderfully uplifting experience.

Solo Piping

Adult Piping Competition (C Grade or Below)

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